Welcome to Pinsch of Soil Farm!

Pinsch of Soil Farm is a small farm, neighbouring Campbell Valley Park in Langley, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. In our marketgarden we grow a variety of vegetables and a variety of salad greens. We have a small orchard with apple, pear and plum trees. We also have a forest section to which we are adding a variety of edible native plants every year.

We’re all about growing food in a sustainable way, mimicking natural ecosystems in many aspects of our farm. We’re on a quest to establish perennial garden beds in which we grow a variety of perennial and annual vegetables, inter spaced with pollinator plants and other companion plants. We’re not only attracting beneficial insects and birds, we’re also providing a habitat  for them in which they can nest and survive the winter. Thus allowing them to establish in our edible landscape.

Our multi-structured food forest is still young and coming along well. We are adding more perennial plants to it every year and have already started to harvest apples, plums and pears from it. This forest will serve us as a constant reminder to cherish the importance of every element in any system, from the web of microbes, bacteria and fungi in the soil to the inspiring network of friends, customers and family that make up our community.

Come on by for a visit. There’s still much to learn for all of us.