Campbell Valley Country Fair

Nadja with our helping friends Mandy and Dave.

This was our first market and what an experience it was. Loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the interest of so many people who asked us about our produce and even bought some. Our curled Striped Armenian Cucumber was the eye catcher on Saturday until the last one was sold just before closing. In fact, we sold so much produce on Saturday, that we thought we won’t have any left for Sunday. But we went through the fields in the evening and saw plenty of more good food growing. And when we picked it on Sunday morning, we had more than we imagined. Our big Russian Mammoth sunflower head was the eye catcher, for children and adults alike, on Sunday. Many hadn’t seen such a big head (about 45cm in diameter) before. We did well with our cantaloups, garlic and swiss chard on both days.

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