[Friday Five] January 26

  1. What I am reading right now “Terra Preta” by Ute Scheub. Hard to put down, this book is an easy yet highly informative and eye-opening read about some of the world’s most fertile soil. Terra Preta is Portuguese for black soil. Named after the rich black soil found in the Amazon basin. That soil is closely linked to the application of biochar, which is what the ancient civilizations in the Amazon added to the soil to maintain fertility. I bought my own first 25lb bag of biochar at the workshop in South Surrey. Excited to activate it and give it a try this season. I will post more about soil and biochar over the upcoming months.
  2. Water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. If this isn’t gonna make you second guess your water use… Unbelievable what’s happening in this major modern city right now. The population is ordered to use less than 87L per person per day, that is until “Day Zero”, the day the water will have run out.  That day is estimated to be April 21. Then, more than 500.000 people will have to line up for their daily ratio of 25L. Try doing that for a day. Read more on the CBC’s “The Current”
  3. “Ice Tsunami”. Here’s an article I found about musk oxen the A heard of musk oxen in the endless white of Alaskahave been observed by scientists along the Alaskan coastline. Albeit disheartening, it is a very good read and shows how profound and life threatening the climate change presents itself in the Arctic. Read this article to find out what rain-on-snow events do to musk oxen, the largest land mammal in the Arctic.
  4. Take a stance, have your opinion, but know what you are talking about. I spent the past two days at the annual Agriculture Show in Abbotsford, BC. As a part of the exhibition, I attended two workshops about speaking up and engaging with others in a meaningful and informed discussion about the various aspects of agriculture. We all are educated and have our concerns and opinions. Just know what you are talking about. This funny little video nicely sums it up .
  5. Australia Day. What a coincidence. I was inspired by Geoff Lawton to send out a “Friday Five” post, and my first ever “Friday Five” happen to be on Australia Day, January 26. It’s of course in Australia, where Geoff started Zaytuna Farm, near Lismore, NSW.  Math teacher Eddie Woo delivered this year’s uplifting Australia Day speech, pointing out how education can help foster diversity and bring down social barriers.

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