How this CSA increases diversity

Support our way of farming and let us grow for diversity

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great opportunity for everyone to support our farm efforts. It is like a weekly subscription to our fresh farm produce. With our expenses being high and income low at the beginning of the season, your CSA subscription helps to cover these expenses. In addition, once we harvest, we can better plan and allocate fresh vegetables to your box each week.

More so, with a subscription to our CSA program, you enable us to grow for diversity. In 2018 that meant 47 different kinds of produce, 30+ fruit trees and 40+ berries shrubs….


  • by stretching from spring over summer into fall, growing for your CSA subscription means growing varieties that do particularly well in those months
  • to change things up a bit, we grow unusual varieties like Jerusalem Artichokes, napa cabbage,  melons, heirloom summer and winter squashes,  special greens for stir fry mixes….
  • to add flavour to your meals, your CSA usually includes herbs that go well with the other produce that week (i.e. different types of sage and thyme, rosemary, lovage, chervil, fennel, summer savory…) . Those herbs also act as important plants attracting pollinators and beneficial insects, good ground covers that keep moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from taking over
  • our fruit and berry department is still in its infant stages, but it’s growing every year. We use fruit trees and berry shrubs to improve the habitat for insects and birds and to act as wind breaks on the farm. When in season, we will add some fruits and berries to your CSA shares.
  • as a part of our future planning, we’re working on further improving our food forest by adding more and more perennial native edible plants (ferns, salmon berries….)

Benefits of being a CSA’er:

  • receive a weekly produce mix that’s paired to make great seasonal recipes
  • be rewarded with good healthy produce
  • bring your friends or family for “behind the scenes” farm tours
  • See where your food comes from and talk to the farmer that grows it
  • Help shape what we grow – Tell us what you like to see in your boxes

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