A Hotbed of Activity

A Hotbed of Activity on Pinsch of Soil Farm

On January 29 we planted our first seed, Mustard greens. And where did we plant them? In
our hotbeds. As we shared with you in our last blog, the hotbehotbeds with salad greens growing in themds are untreated wooden boxes, with a base of horse manure, which heats the box, covered with cardboard then soil, and topped with a skylight dome. These are not started in the greenhouse, but outside on their own. These mustard greens are added to our popular salad bags to deliver a zesty flare for your taste buds. We are shooting that our salad bags will be ready around the first of April.

Planting Process

At this time of the year we seed twice a week to replenish our garden throughout the spring and summer. We plant a lot of different varieties of lettuce seeds to keep up with our ever popular salad bags. Here we are going to plant 2 rows of three varieties.  Tobias has prepared the seeding tray to drop the seeds .



Carefully covering each seed with a mix of our special seed starter soil.
One variety of lettuce seeded. We then label each two rows. It’s a busy place this time of year, but when you love growing fresh, clean, local, and nutritious food that you can share with the local community, pure joy.




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