Hardy Vegetables to Grow in Cooler Seasons

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the garden slows and goes to sleep.  However, in our quest to provide food year round, we still have some hardy souls powering through the parameters of their capacity.

Corn Salad

corn-saladA great variety for colder months when other salad varieties cannot withstand the harsher weather and cooler temperatures. We add this to our salad bags in the early and late months of the year.

Purple and Green Curly Kale

green-curly-kale-2Again a hearty plant staying in great shape through the cooler months.  We add this to our salad bags and it stands well on it own for smoothies, soups and even chips! Great companion to pork roasts.

Swiss Chard

Great sauteed, however, if you google this amazing vegetable, the options and recipes are endless. Make sure you sautee the thicker stalks before you add the greens. Otherwise you end up cooking the leaves for too long until the stalks are tender.


fennelClassified as a Herb, it adds a refreshing flavour to many dishes. Shave the bulb and use in salads together with the greens. Or sautee together with onions and add it as a layer to your grilled cheese sandwich.


nasturtiumThey’re still hanging in there, mostly inside the greenhouse. Their leaves give a nice peppery taste to salad, their edible flowers are less peppery but give great colour to your salad dish.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on some of the plants to grow and eat in the earlier and later months of the year in the Lower Mainland, BC.

Til next time.

Nadja, Marcel & Lily.

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