Enhance your recipes with fresh herbs

You may plant them in your garden, have them growing on your kitchen counter or see them in bunches in your grocery store or local farm. Wherever you see them, pick them and get creative. We have included some ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.


The fennel bulb adds a refreshing almost licorice flavour to many dishes. Shave the bulb and add it to your salads raw or cook it by sauteing it with onions as a side dish or add it as a layer to your grilled cheese sandwich.


Sage offers a more savory taste to dishes. Most famous as a dressing flavor. Spice up your holiday turkey and dressing recipe. Chop and add it to a rub for your pork roast. Use it to make stock. Pan fry it in butter and drizzle over pasta! Infuse for 15 minutes to make a tea against a sore throat.


Rosemary is great with chicken, and a great addition to roasted potatoes. Remove leaves from the stem add with oil and rub under chicken skin or stir in with baby potatoes and bake.


Thyme is a more savory spice. Adding it to your poultry and pork dishes, awards you a zesty and unique taste to your dishes. Remove leaves from stem and add to some melted butter and place under the skin of your roasted chicken or turkey. Fresh is less potent than dry herbs so check the recipe to ensure you are adding enough to get the desired taste. Add together with oregano to tomato sauce for a full flavour.


Parsley is great as a garnish on the side of your appetizer or entree, or chopped and added on top of most all dishes and salads. Do not cook as this will destroy its flavour and nutritional properties.

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